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                  • Steering parts
                  • Ball joint
                  • Cold forging
                  Founded on January 24, 2005, the company is specialized in the production of axle products in the steering system of automobiles and the specialized production enterprise for steering ball pin assembly in steering gear. It is a joint venture of Lioho machinery investment (China) Co., Ltd. and Japan Ibara seki Machinery Co., Ltd. The product classification includes input shaft, lower shaft, worm, pinion, stator shaft, motor shaft, inner tie rod assembly, outer tie rod assembly, suspension ball joint, etc

                  Fuzhou ibara lioho machinery company

                  Adress: 10 Baishui Road,Qingpu Industry Area,Minhou County,Fuzhou City,Fujian Province

                  TEL: (+86)591-22787001

                  FAX: (+86)591-22787000

                  E-mail: film@ibaralioho.com


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